Premuim Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Students, Gamers and Workaholics


AntiBlu is a company built through quality. Our blue light filtering lenses come second to none, inside durable and stylish TR90 frames. TR90 is a top rated thermoplastic that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Glasses made with TR90 are extremely comfortable because they have a flexible quality, allowing them to bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably. We keep our price point well below our high-end competitors and the styles we offer are always on trend, as AntiBlu strives to be a brand for and by the customer.

You may have heard of the harmful effects that the blue light emitted through cell phone, TV, and laptop screens can have on your eyes. Blue light has been shown to strain your eyes, leading to headaches; and as it is a stimulus, it can have a severe impact on your sleep schedule. AntiBlu is here to combat that. 

AntiBlu Glasses can offer:

       - Reduced eye strain and headaches

       - Improved focus leading to higher productivity 

       - Improved sleeping patterns and sleep quality

       - Reduced blurry vision  

Whether you are:

       - A gamer who spends much time in front of a screen and wants premium optical protection;

       - A student who spends all day on your laptop studying and needs to be well rested for your test the next day;

       - Or a parent who is working on your computer till the late hours of the night and needs to get up with your kids early in the morning;

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! Choose the company that offers you the high quality optical protection you need, in the styles you want. Choose AntiBlu.   


I was absolutely amazed with the comfort of my pair of midnight black AntiBlu glasses. And maybe it's in my head, maybe it's not, but I am able to stay focused until my work is done, without having to take a break and rub my eyes. Now I'm able to complete the work I leave for myself late at night, and get straight to sleep right after. If you're in need of blue light blocking glasses, I highly recommend AntiBlu. 

Ben H.